MEDy Award for "Outstanding Startup Pitch" at Singularity University's 2014 Exponential Medicine Conference in San Diego, CA. The MEDy Awards recognize companies designing products and creating healthcare solutions that are industry-changing innovations.

FirstID has been selected as a SXSW Eco Startup Finalist. Spotlighting innovation and entrepreneurship, the SXSW Eco Startup Showcase is a pitch competition featuring top greentech, cleanweb and impact companies from around the world. The finalists in each category were selected from over 250 applicants and offer the innovations that will drive environmental and social progress in the coming years. Read more

First Responders

Paramedics or emergency medical staff use FirstID to get access to critical medical details.

Life-Saving Fingers

All of your FirstID information can be accessed through a simple finger scan.


Work with your doctor to decide what important health data to upload to FirstID.

When would I need FirstID?

Imagine suffering a life-threatening allergic reaction. The paramedics arrive and prepare to administer epinepherine. As your throat is closing, you fade out of consciousness. You're unable to communicate that you take beta blockers for a heart condition... and those meds weaken the effect of life-saving epinepherine. You'll need much more than the standard dose to avoid staying in acute anaphylaxis. By the time the paramedics recognize you're not responding to the initial shot of epi, it's too late.

How does FirstID work?

Now imagine that as soon as the first responders show up on scene, they scan your finger. Within five seconds, they know who you are, what meds are in your body, and likely what triggered the allergic response. They treat you with the life-saving dose of epinepherine you need. And at the same time, your family, primary care physician, and insurance provider are notified about what's happening.

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